1-MINIONS CHARACTERS: Gru, Bob, Scarlet… PRODUCTERS: Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda YEAR: Its for young childrens (3-14) OPINION: Its for young childrens but ilove it too. minions are soo cuteee.       2- LET IT GO CHARACTERS: Elsa, Anna, Ollaf… YEAR: 3-15 OPINION: I watch this movie its funny and coic movie       3- TROLLER CHARACTERS: Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick Poppy PRODUCTER:  Yong Duk Jhun YEAR: 7-15 OPINION: ıts fantastic movie. and my favorite cartoon. its funny and comic             Continue reading THE BEST ANIMATION MOVIES


NAME: PK (Peekay) Actor: Aamir Khan, Boman Irani, Sanjay Dutt, Sushant Singh Rajput Actress: Anushka Sharma Genre: romantic comedy OPINION: I think it’s in my favorite films one.ı really like it but its for olds. young children shouldn’t watch it. NAME: Mr. BEAN ACTORS: Rowan Atkinson, Richard Curtis… PRODUCTER: MEL SMITH OPINION: It was my favorite carton when i was young. but I still watch and love it.                                                     Continue reading COMIC MOVIES


    name: FAST & FURIOUS 8 ACTORS: john papsidera, lori wyman DİRECTOR: F. Gary gray  OPINION: I think it’s fantastic movie. I love it. NAME: Matrix ACTORS:  Keanu reeves, Laurence Fishburne DIRECTOR: Larry and Andy Wachowski OPINION: I dont watch it but its looking exiting NAME: Avengers ACTORS: Chris avans, Robert downey DIRECTOR: Joss whedon OPINION: I ts fantastic film too. my favorite character is Captan America Continue reading ACTİON MOVİES